Welcome to For Sanity's Sake: Help and Encouragement for the Menopausal Woman.

It is our great hope and desire that after spending some time with us on this site, that you would come to the wonderful realization that there IS life during menopause. In the midst of sporadic crying, uncontrollable screaming, or sweating like a momma combating intense labor pains, it is good to know that there is a sparkling spring at the end of the murky waters. Each day begins with a freshness never before experienced. Lamentations 3:23 offers that sweet, affirming promise that God's "mercies are new everyday." God does not carry  the mistakes of today into the newness of tomorrow. Great is His faithfulness!

Join us as we struggle, cry, sweat, and hopefully, in God's strength, regain control of our lives.

With a determination on our part and a whole lot of help on the Holy Spirit's part, this can be the best time of your life. It is my prayer that through blood (Jesus' of course), sweat (ours, of course), and tears (ours and probably everyone else's), we can make it to the other side--of menopause, that is--and step into a bigger, better, more abundant life. 

So, make yourself at home, visit the different sites, read the devotionals, and join other women as we discuss our daily lives and trials in our forums.  Here's to a merry menopause! God Bless!

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