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Lisa S Arnold is an author, speaker, pastor's wife, mother of 8, grandmother of 14, foster mother, home schooling mom, and menopause sufferer. She and her husband Duane have served at the Southport Baptist Church in Elmira, New York for the past eighteen years. They also have served in Illinois and Pennsylvania. Lisa ministers to women through group counseling Bible Studies and through individual counseling. She writes most of her counseling material. Throughout her years in ministry, she has written musical plays and composed songs which she has performed. She is a gifted singer and regularly sings special music in church services.

Lisa wrote "For Sanity's Sake" as she puts it, "for her own survival." When her menopausal symptoms began in her early 30's, even her doctors thought she was imagining it. She searched for long-term devotionals to help her through her struggles and could find none, so she decided to write her own. It is her hope that these devotions encourage and strengthen you as they did her. 

About "For Sanity's Sake"

"For Sanity's Sake" is a 365 day survival guide for women experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of perimenopause. Anxiety, fuzzy-brain, fatigue, and headaches are only some of the symptoms plaguing menopausal women. With such menacing symptoms, concentration on long, drawn out Bible Studies is often impossible. Many women feel guilty and often force themselves to muddle through, gaining nothing but frustration from the experience.

Each devotion is designed to help women cope spiritually and emotionally with daily hormonal fluctuations and distractions. Women struggling with severe hormonal imbalances often struggle with deciphering the right or wrong of their emotions. Even when they know the right or wrong of them, their extreme emotional state makes it difficult to always choose God's way. Everything women need to persevere through menopause is provided through the power of the Holy Spirit and it is imperative that women learn how to launch a counter attack against their fleshly emotions. "For Sanity's Sake" provides that added spiritual boost needed to fight and ultimately win each daily battle.

Through personal experiences, experiences of other women (and men), and Bible characters, women come to a realization that they are not alone in their menopausal struggles and that the best years of their lives are yet to come.

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