Humor Me Page, Wendy Farha and her song "Menopause"

Check out our new Humor Me page. Lighten up your day with a little menopausal humor.  You can also check out a new song on the home page called "Menopause" and if you want to check out the creator of the song, Wendy Farha, you can check out her website here or you can find the link in out "Beyond Sanity" page.

Verse of the Day and Twitter (4/12/14)

Check out our new verse of the day app on our homepage.  And don't forget to follow Lisa S. Arnold on twitter! You can find a follow button in the banner to the right.

Author's Blog (4/1/14)

Lisa S. Arnold has now started a new author's blog.  Separate from the one that you will find here on this site, this one will cover a greater variety of topics including subjects to other books that are in the works or other topics relevant to women.  Be sure to subscribe and share it! You can get there by clicking here or you can find the link on our links page, Beyond Sanity. 

Amazon Affiliate Store (4/1/14)

We now have an Amazon Affiliate store.  Lisa Arnold has set up a store for you connected to Amazon where you can purchase other books devotionals and books about menopause and other related subjects.  You will find the tab under "Oh! My Sanity," or you can just click here.  You can also fin d the link in our links page, Beyond Sanity. Be sure to check it out!

Official Facebook Page (4/1/14)

We now have an official Facebook page.  Be sure to visit it and and like us.  You can even share us with your friends!  You can find the link on the right side of the page, but if you click here it will take you there directly. You can also find it in the links page, Beyond Sanity.

New Footer & More (3/26/14)

Check out our new footer! You can now like or share us on any page any time you want.  The News section on the forum page has been deleted.  To find out what is coming and what has changed you will now have to come here to this page.  You may also notice that to the right is a new Facebook app where you can see who else has liked our site, and, just below that, you can now add Facebook comment.  Keep checking in, more is still to come!

Contact Us (3/26/14)

Check out the new Contact Us button on the top right side of every page!  Now, no matter where you are on the site, you can get in contact with us by simply clicking on that button and putting in your information.  You can use this to contact both the site owner, Lisa Arnold, or the administrator, Auriel Patterson. 

New News Page

Hey! Welcome to the new news page! From now on updates about what is going on and what has been added will be going here, so you can scroll through them as you wish and don't have to open a new forum topic every time.  A "most recent news topic" will be added to the Home page so you will be able to tell when something new has been posted.  I hope that this will work more smoothly than the forum topics.

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